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KAIICE is a premium ice dessert manufacturer that takes pride in its Halal certification. Our journey began in 2015 as a humble dessert vendor on a food truck. With a team of young and enthusiastic comrades, KAIICE expanded its reach by establishing a production factory. Today, the brand has supplied over 500 F&B outlets nationwide, driven by a passion to provide dessert lovers with affordable yet satisfying treats.

The brand’s philosophy centers on quality and authenticity. Our name is inspired by the Chinese character “开始” meaning “to begin”, reflecting our belief that everything should have a good origin.

We are committed to using the purest and most natural ingredients to create the most original and purest shaved ice taste experience. Every detail, from the mouthfeel of the shaved ice to the packaging design, is carefully designed and crafted to capture the truest essence of flavor.

At KAIICE, we believe that the essence of any business should be based on the needs and considerations of the customer. We put our customers first and strive to provide them with the very best. Our philosophy of quality and authenticity is evident in every aspect of our brand, from the origin of our name to the final product.

of Shaved Ice Sold
Flavor Varieties
F&B outlets supplied
Preservatives & Artificial flavouring


KAIICE’s mission is to deliver exceptional customer experience, whether for businesses or end users.



At KAIICE, our vision is to bring joy to every summer by providing delicious shaved ice desserts that are the top choice for tropical regions.