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The Finest Iced Dessert Origin

#Made for Dessert Lovers

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KAIICE Machine

Why Choose KAIICE

Halal Certified
Premium Ingredients
Free Training &
Service Consultants
Supplied More than
500 F&B Outlet
more than
18 flavors

All About

Your local Ice Dessert Manufacturer | Supplier

KAIICE is a premium ice dessert manufacturer that takes pride in its Halal certification. Our journey began in 2015 as a humble dessert vendor on a food truck. With a team of young and enthusiastic comrades, KAIICE expanded its reach by establishing a production factory…

Premium Natural Shaved Ice Manufacturer

Light & Portable
Easy maintenance
small space size
simple to operate

We Also Provide

Delightful KAIICE mini treats, and top-notch event & catering services

What Our Client Says

The Perfect Gift To Create
Sweet Memories

Only the Best for Our Parents !