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Event & Catering

Host a party with guilt-free desserts because you prioritize health! With over 1500+ events and functions under our belt, serving more than 150,000 customers, we have the expertise to make your party a success.

Contact us now to personalize your event and let us handle all the arrangements hassle-free.

*Price above subject to Klang Valley area only
*Outstation will have transportation charges

Package A

Small Cup

RM 650

  • 100 cups

Package B

Small Cup

RM 870

  • 150 cups

Package C

Small Cup

RM 1,050

  • 200 cups

Package D

Small Cup

RM 1,200

  • 250 cups

Package E

Big Cup

RM 700

  • 50 cups

Package F

Big Cup

RM 850

  • 80 cups

Package G

Big Cup

RM 1,150

  • 120 cups

Package H

Big Cup

RM 1,600

  • 200 cups

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